Since meat is a really important part in our family’s meals, we always look for the best recipes for meat dishes. One of best choices to process meat is grinding. Thus, you are going to buy a best meat grinder or you have already had one in your kitchen, these are some things that you should know to take great advantage of a meat grinder.

Having a  meat grinder at home means you don’t have to buy the meat ground which might have been added with unknown chemicals and additives and, you don’t have to spend hours chopping meat by hand. Investing in a grinder of your own is a smart choice for having homemade meat ground whenever you want.

Then, not everyone knows about how to use a meat grinder right to not damage the machine and about different things that you could do with a meat grinder besides making hamburger or ground beef.



It is not too confusing to grind meat with a grinder, but we need to pay more attention to have your meat ground done when preserving this machine.

Most grinders are made of metals with large funnel to put meat in. The screw conveyer inside of the machine partially mixes food. With some machines, this part is powered by a hand wheel while with the others, it is run by an electric motor. The hole plate at the end of the machine decides the size of the meat ground coming out. Users can change the hole plate for ground meat on their desire.

In addition to those basic knowledges, these are something you should keep in mind:

  1. Since your grinder sometimes gets stuck because of the material you feed it, always trim things such as tendons, bones, excess fat or sinew of your cut of meat before grinding.
  2. To prevent fat from your meat junking up your grinder and turning your meat into a pulpous mixture, you had better keep your meat cold first, then chop up things and grind.
  3. Always keep your eyes on your meat coming out to notice if your little pieces of meat appear regularly and smoothly. You should stop grinding right the moment your meat stays in the plate for too long without falling to your bowl to unclog the grinder.
  4. Clean your unit right after using it. Putting off cleaning later will allow the meat to dry up and get stuck in your machine. It will be difficult to clean it afterwards and moreover, your machine will soon be damaged.
  5. Sharpen your meat grinder blades once a year to keep them work well and your meat ground looks nice.


You know that the meat grinder should be cleaned once finishing grinding. Cleaning the grinder gradually is the best way to keep it function well and last longer. So here the 3 step – process to clean the electric grinder.

STEP 1: Put a piece of day old bread into the conveyer and run the grinder till the bread is well grounded and bring along fat and grease being left over inside the machine the last time you grind.

STEP 2: Wait for the machine to be cool down to disassemble parts of it and clean them with cleaner and warm water.

STEP 3: Use a clean and dry towel to dry those separate parts and assemble them back together.



breadThis is a good ideal for making a brand new thing from the left over of the last meal. You can use all the cooked and chopped meat such as beef, ham or chicken, add some salt, lemon rind, pepper, butter and any relish you like for spread, mix all the ingredients till they are well blended and grind the mixture down. The result should be nice and smooth before you put it in the refrigerator in about 30 minutes. You can use this spread with bread, salad or pasta.


Use meat grinder to grind up the things included of chicken thigh meat, onion, garlic, honey, pepper, salt, olive oil and curry powder. Creat patties with the ground mixture and cook them in a nonstick skillet with a little oil. After about 6 to 9 minutes, you will get hot tasty homemade chicken burgers like a pro.


Cook the pasta as normal. Grind up beef, avocado, cheese, taco seasoning with a meat grinder and cook the result in oil for a few minutes. Mix with cooked pasta to have a cheesy, delicious dish.


Put your potatoes into water, add some salt and bring all into boil over high heat, then reduce heat to medium so that your potatoes simmer for 45 minutes. As soon as the potatoes become tender, drain them. Put the cooked water aside for later use. Cut each potato in half and put into the grind. After grinding the potatoes, keep heavy cream on the simmer. Put the ground potatoes to the water you saved before, pour the heavy cream and butter on top, add salt and pepper, heat them up till butter melts down and enjoy!

As you see, there are so many things you could do with your meat grinder. With it, you can serve your family with many dishes and even create your own special recipes just by grinding up some pieces of things that you like. Be creative and you will realize more and more of new functions of meat grinder. How many functions it could have, it has some limit about the size and material, sometimes it gets clogged and takes you a lot of time to fix, be patient and pay attention to clean and reserve it. Another important thing is that you should choose a best meat grinder right the beginning, the one with above 2-year warranty to make sure someone comes to help you when you have trouble with your machine.


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