Quang Noodle (Mi Quang)- VietNam Recipe


Quang Noodle (Mi Quang) always attracts you when you visit Quang Nam and Central Vietnam provinces. Quang Noodle has similarity with beef noodle (pho), bun in rice ingredient but Quang Noodle assesses differences in spices and style. This kind of noodle is originally from Quang Nam province. 

1.      The origin of Quang Noodle

Among Vietnamese foods, there are only two meals which have name of the place they were born, Hue beef noodle soup and Quang noodle soup. But Hue beef noodle soup (Bun Hue) is not as special as Quang Noodle, because bun is a typical style of processing grocery of Vietnamese people; and meals such as crab noodle soup (bun rieu), snail noodle soup (bun oc), pork ribs noodle soup (bun bung) from Hong River Delta area seem to appear before Hue beef noodle soup. Hue beef noodle soup also applies the method of using rice noodle and broth; the differences are spices, ingredients, and method. It is a development and changes which are based on an old recipe.


But Quang noodle soup seems to be a creative meal of Quang Nam area that does not base on any traditional recipe. First of all, the name “mi” is not extremely exact but quite unique. Noodle (Mi) is actually a Chinese food, which is made from flour powder; additionally, there is not any traditional Vietnamese meal called “mi” (except Quang noodle soup). Quang Noodle soup is the only “mi” dish in Vietnam. However, the hilarious thing is Quang Noodle just borrow the name but actually it is totally made of rice powder not flour powder. Its attractiveness and distinct comes from those above things. It does not only apply any traditional recipe but its name is also distinctive. Obliviously, Quang noodle soup deserve being a cultural research topic of Southward area’s expansion history.

2.      Brief information of Quang noodle soup

Nowadays, when mentioning Quang noodle soup, it is not imperative to talk about a special dish of Quang Nam – Da Nang in detail but also a distinctive food of Central people in general. The ingredient, turmeric flavor noodles are flat pancakes which are made from fine rice powder, cooked and sliced horizontally into 2mm thick noodles. Noodles are infused with some additives to make them dense and chewy. There are some veggies under the noodles; the coverings are pork, shrimp, and chicken together with pork bone broth. They also add roasted peanuts (coarsely crushed), thinly sliced green onion, herbs, and red chili. Normally, there is only little broth served.

3.      When do you enjoy Quang noodle soup?

In the cold weather, it is nice to enjoy a hot and tasty a bow of Quang noodle soup. Especially, when winter finishes and spring comes at the moment. All family sit together, cook Quang Noodle soup and enjoy simple but tasty dish which will be unforgettable memory.

Everyone visit Quang Nam province and Central Vietnam should not skip this specialty.

4.      How to make:

  • Recipe
  • 500gr pork (may be 200gr pork belly and 300 gr pork chop– depends on your taste)
  • 200gr shrimp (around 20 shrimps)
  • 1 chicken breast
  • 1 pineapple and 4 tomatoes
  • Fresh greens
  • 2kg flat rice noodle
  • 25 bird eggs & 5 chicken eggs (quantity depends on you)
  • Roasted peanuts + fried spring onion+ 200gr minced onion+200grm minced garlic+ roasted sesame rice cracker
  • Salt, peper, sugar, fish sauce, cooking oil.


Some people add five-spice powder (ngu vi huong) but actually ngu vi huong is not traditional taste of Quang noodle; if you like colorful dish, you can use turmeric powder.

  • Preparation

– Slice pork belly thinly and small thicker pork chop. Marinade pork with pepper (2 cf spoons) + Granule (2 cf spoons) + fish sauce (3 cf spoons) + sugar (2 cf spoons) + seasoning (1 cf spoon) + minced garlic (2 cf spoons) + minced onion (2 cf spoons) ( 1 spoon of turmeric powder could be added for desired color)

– Trim shell-on, legs, heads and tails of shrimps. Mix with pepper (½ cf spoon) + garlic (1 cf spoon) + Granule ( 1 cf spoon) + sugar (1 cf spoon) + seasoning ((½ cf spoon)

– Clean chicken; mix with onion + garlic + pepper +sugar + cooking granules + fish sauce (1 spoon each). You can add ½ curry powder or turmeric powder.

– Divide pineapple into 4 parts then slice thinly. Tomato sliced thinly also.

– Boil eggs, peel off

  • Steps:

– The left garlic and onion are divided into 2 parts. ½ is used to fry with pork and eggs; ½ for chicken and shrimp.

– Heat 4 spoons of cooking oil then followed by garlic and green onion; add sliced tomatoes and marinade pork and chicken. During cooking time, tomato sauce will make pork tender and tasty. When pork dries, add water over then simmer under low heat within 15 minutes until meat absorbed and soft.

– Take all sauce in another pot; just keep little and simmer until the sauce dries out; remember to add spices before switching off

– Add some salt or fish sauce into the sauce in the pot. Serve it as broth.

– Fry garlic and onion with oil in another pan then stir shrimp until the sauce dries out. If you like it tasty and delicious, you could put some chopped white root of green onions. When tomato sauce thickens, add spices to fit with your taste.


– Fry garlic and onion with oil in another pan then simmer chicken; the small pieces of chicken, the quicker chicken absorb; tender chicken and thick sauce is acceptable. You should also remember to adjust spices one more time to match your taste.

  • Finish:

Pork simmered carefully with eggs until sauce thickens.

Shrimp and chicken salty simmered.


Assemble the dish

Fill a serving bowl half-full with fresh greens -> some noodles-> few shrimps, pork, chicken, eggs-> crushed peanuts-> chopped spring onion and coriander -> a piece of rice cracker. It will be served with a garlic red pepper fish sauce.

The dish is salty already so you just pour 1/3 a bowl of broth. Don’t pour too much.

Mix well with chopsticks before serving and enjoy.

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