How To Inexpensively Wipe Out Perplexed Stains 


A New Year is about to come. Apart from clearing out persisting Clutters, it’s worth paying some time to wipe out some stubborn stains in kitchen and bathroom that have patiently persisted on your furnishings throughout the year.

There are numbers of cleaners that might help you solve them instantly, but you probably don’t want your family to be surrounded by chemical elements contained in such cleaning agents. In today article, we provide you with top tips on how to remove these unexpected dirts using inexpensive, home-made and natural cleaning products that you can find and make right around the corner!

  1. Kitchen 


Kitchen has gained its notorious fame for accumulating stains and in some cases, been received less attention comparing to other parts of the houses. Here are some top parts of kitchen you might want to put your cleaning hands on:

  • Sponge: Sponge has collected bacteria after days and months conquering dirty dishes and filthy floors. And the idea of using the same germ-swamped sponge is terrifying to many housewives and their families. To effectively sanitize sponges, you can put them into the microwaves and set time of 2-3 min. This would help sterilize remaining bacteria on sponges. Remember to check your sponge if it contains any metal before putting it into microwaves.


  • Sink: If you want to polish and give a fresh look to your sink, it is time to try on baking soda. Prepare mixture of water and baking soda and rub your sink with sponge. With more persistent stains, you can utilize lemon to remove it.


  • Kitchen cabinet: Remove your greasy gunk on upholstery of your wooden kitchen cabinet by combining cooking oil and baking soda on 1:2 scale, until they are condensed. Rub the cabinet surface with toothbrush and the mixture following the vertical crease of the cabinet and see the difference!


  • Refrigerator: Food residue lingering around might leave unpleasant odor to your fridge. In such cases, you can place a small bag of coffee ground, either used or unused, in your fridge. It acts as absorber to smelly odors, deodorize and give it a fresh scent of coffee taste. You can also apply baking soda mixed with warm water to deodorize and clean your fridge.


  • Stove: You might want to pair baking soda and white vinegar in this spot-removing sessions. Spread baking soda over the stove and sprinkle white vinegar over it, leave for about 30 min and start sponging your stove. Replicate this to your oven also.


  • Microwaves: After countless times of defrosting diverse types of food, microwaves would be occupied with unpleasant odor. To tackle with this problem, you can squeeze out lemon juice in a bowl. Add a portion of water and put it into microwaves for 5 min max. Lemon and salt mixture is also very effective in removing coffee and tea stains that reside in your cups.


  1. Bathroom

Every member of your houses has paid a visit to this room and so do your guests. To make sure a shiny new look is brought to your worn-out bathroom, here are some tricks that might do the work:

  • Sink & faucet: You can also apply the same trick in the kitchen to polish your sink and faucet. Thinking about mixing vinegar and water, put into a spray and sprinkle it all over your faucets, sinks and other stainless equipments in your bathroom. In case you want some natural fresh air to the bathroom, consider mixing vinegar, water and essential oil and spray it around. It works!


  • Bathtub: It is recommended to try on grapefruit and salt to clean off your bathtub. Cut your grapefruit in half, scatter some salt and scrub it onto either side of your bathtub. Afterward, rinse off the residue and simply contemplate your work.


  • Toilet: Again, baking soda has clearly shown its multi-tasking ability in assisting you in erasing stains. Spread baking soda around toilet bowl, slowly sprinkle white vinegar over and then apply brush to remove yellow stains (it is best to wait for 10-20 min before brushing it, so that stains can absorb the baking soda). You can also use this mixture to drain system, as it helps clearing hair clogs and remaining oil from washing products.


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