How To Clear out Clutters In Your House


The most important holidays of the year are coming. It happens to be that there are myriad of chores to be done, such as: preparing your kids’ clothes, food, Christmas decoration and cleaning up the house after a year of neglect. The work might sound like predicament, but this article is to provide you with useful tips on clearing out clutters that accumulate over the year with effectively manners, so that you can save up a lot of time and energy. 

  1. Make a plan and stick to it. And don’t forget the timing.

If you are inclined to de-clutter your home, it is important to make a plan. Cleaning is indeed an exhausting job, you need to make plan on which rooms should be addressed, which parts of the room should be cleaned and how long should it take to clear out a room. By then, you can arrange your work and distribute your effort better, at the same time save yourself for harder sessions. For instance, you estimate a bathroom’s cleaning session might last for 2 hours (longer than bedroom) as there are toilet, sewer, drawers and floor that need cleaning.



  1. Identify the problems

One of the toughest tasks in cleaning your house is to define the clutters, as you have been so used to them. The easy way to deal with this problem suggested by housing organizers is to take pictures of your house and take an overview of your house as an onlooker. By then, you can easily identify which parts of your house are messy and need cleaning.

Here are some suggestions on possible clutters/filthy items that you might not be aware of:

Kitchen: Utensil drawers, Refrigerator, Cupboard

Bathroom: Medicine cabinet, Bathtub, Curtain

Bedroom: Make-up dresser, Wardrobe

Living room: Curtain, Space between glass and table surface

Items stored in these following places can expire, is no longer of use or simply need washing up. It is thus important to take a look on them and see if they are still gratuitous.


picture 2

  1. Save your energy

These tedious tasks should also be done on the days that you feel invigorated the most and remember to save a 15-min break between time so you don’t exhaust yourself after continually excessive labor. Including other family members in the cleaning process to  save up your time, energy and strengthen connection within your family.


  1. Categorize and be decisive

When clearing out your house, you might encounter an antique lamp that has been collected in a garage sales, an old-time favorite frames and many other things that you like but hardly use. It is hard, however, to define which keepsakes to keep because of emotional attachment you have with them. They might be gifts from a friend, your grandmother or just knick-knack reminding you of a great family trip. In this case, however, it is best to ask yourself questions, such as: Is it usable? If it is broken, can I fix it and might the cost/time for fixing it offset its function? If your answers are mostly No, it is time to let them go, either to Charity, Sales or waste basket.


Also, you can prepare 4 boxes, name them as Need, Charity, No need or Sales and categorize these knick-knacks as you sweep your way through rooms. It is much easier later for you to arrange and manage these after the battlefield has been cleared up.

image 3

picture 3


  1. Keep things organized

After long days of work, you might want to keep things organized better, so next time you don’t need to exert yourself too hard to clear them up. One useful tip suggested by Huffingtonpost is to utilize space-saving holders like baskets and dust bins in places that potentially accumulate clutters. One epitome should be to place dust bin next to your desk/front entrance where numerous documents and mails are ready to be thrown away. Utilizing shelves, for example, helps you save a lot of horizontal space by optimizing vertical walls.




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