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Let’s take an advantage of the free days, day off or holidays to make the beautiful fence for your garden with pretty cute little materials.

In order to make the beautiful fence for your garden, you should prepare these materials and follow these below instructions:


All types of wood including column, horizontal bar, vertical bar

Base column foundations by stainless steel

Many types of wood screws

Steel mesh

Weatherproof paints

Makita impact driver

Step 1: Cut wood

After buying from the market, you start to cut the wood into equal sections. Normally, with the low barrier, you should cut the wood with double length of height to reduce the installation costs.

Step 2: Assemble

You use the Makita impact driver to drill the screws to the wood. By this way, you can fix the wood at step 1 to the horizontal bar of wood. Then, you divide to 2 parts by height and then cut the wood out.

Step 3: Paint the fence

You should paint the wood fence before setting it up for easy manipulations. You should use the paints that can resistant well with weather. You can coat the fence with a protective layer and then you paint two or three more layers with the selected color.

Step 4: Set up the column foundations

You use the column foundations by stainless steel and dig holes and then you put it down firmly to the floor. Next, you wait until the concrete to dry and put the wood into these column foundations.

Step 5: Install the protective nets

You use a steel mesh to cover around the fence. It will protect the garden from being damaged by other animals.

Step 6: Plant the trees

You can plant in your garden any green trees and flowers so that your garden is always fresh and brilliant blooms.

Hence, you have had a little garden to avoid the destruction of mischievous animals as well as decor for the garden area in your home.


We can replace the usual wall shelf by a colorful heart shelf for the room.

Preparation materials to make a heart shelf:

– 1 wood plank with 2cm thick

– 1 wood panel with 0.7cm thin

– Acrylic paints with many colors

– Nails

– The small ropes

– Wood glue

– Tools: pen, ruler, sandpaper, cutter

How to make wall shelf as follows:

Step 1:

– First, you draw a heart on wood panels. Size of a heart depends on the size of the shelf you want to make.

Step 2:

– You draw 3 parallel lines that divide the heart into 4 sections. You will add 3 wood panels into 3 drawn lines.

Step 3:

– Next, you use the cutter to 3 drawn lines with 1cm deep and 0.7cm wide.

Step 4:

– You use the cutter to cut a heart-shaped out.

Step 5:

– After cutting the heart out, you rub sandpaper to wooden surface and 3 slits for smooth. Then, you cut the wood planks into 3 parts with width of 12cm, length equal to the length of 3 slits.

Step 6:

– You use a brush to paint the heart and 3 wood planks. With the heart, you paint with pink, yellow and green color

Step 7:

– With 3 wood planks, you paint two different colors both sides so that the underside color of the wood planks is the same color with the slits above.

Step 9:

– Finally, you glue three wood planks into 3 slits on the heart.

Let’s see the colorful heart shelf in the wall. Hope you will success with these steps.

Frank Colin is me, a DIYer. As you know, to be a DIYer is not easy at all. We should learn a lot of things to create beautiful products by ourselves. In order to be well preparation DIYer, I just want to share my tips in power tools, home improvement, DIY… You can find it useful and creative and use it in your life. Hence, you can create some beautiful products or furniture as the present for your family and friends.

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