Benifits of Eating Fried Eggs and 3 Different Ways to Fry Eggs

Fried eggs are one of the most common ingredients that are included in the breakfast from many people all over the world because they are so delicious and healthy. Eating a fried egg in the morning can provide you enough calories and nutrients for a hard working day ahead.

In order to make a good fried egg, you need find the best pan for cooking eggs. Furthermore, there are plenty of ways to cook fried eggs that you could apply for your cooking to add some variety to this tasty dish.
In this article, let’s find out about the benefits of eating fried eggs as well as some ways you could do to make your fried eggs perfectly.
Let’s first find out about why you should eat fried eggs?
Eggs are considered one of the most powerful super foods that the nature offers to humankind.
  • Firstly, they contain a lot of vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin D. They also include all kinds of minerals such as calcium, potassium, manganese in the tiny body of theirs.
  • Furthermore, they are packed with a lot of antioxidant and powerful nutrients which are good for your health as well as all of the system in your body.
  • Many people say that eggs contain cholesterol, which may be harmful to our body. However, the amount of cholesterol that eggs provides help to reduce the level of cholesterol that our body produces, hence reducing the level of bad cholesterol.
  • Eggs offer a great amount of choline intake, which will help to improve the functions of the liver as well as preventing us from getting serious diseases such as cardiovascular disease and neurological diseases.
  • In addition, eggs are rich in lutein and zeaxathin. These elements are perfect with the role of enhancing and protecting our visionary ability.
They are healthy yet they are so cheap. You cannot have any cheaper foods with better quality than eggs.
The last important reason for why we should eat fried eggs is because they are super delicious and are a great addition to any meals, from our breakfast to lunch and dinner.
Whenever you are in the mood for a perfect fried egg, there are many ways to make it. There is no best ways to make fried eggs. There is also no right or wrong way to make them as well.
Making a fried egg only requires eggs, a sprinkle of salt and some butter or oil. And then with different techniques, you can have different ways to make fried eggs.
Here are 5 different ways to cook a perfect fried egg:

1. Cook With A Lot of Oil

With this method, you will need to heat a sauté pan and pour about 4 or 5 tablespoons of olive oil into the hot pan.
For about 30 seconds, the white will become golden. You can flip over if you like and serve immediately.
The benefit of this method is that when the egg is soaked in a lot of oil, all of the white can become brown, providing a tasty fried egg. Furthermore, when you cook your eggs in a great amount of hot oil, you are able to make very perfect fried eggs with a perfect crusty texture.

2. Cook With A Lot of Butter

In this method, instead of pouting oil, you can use a lot of butter.  You also need a little bit of steam to cook the egg as well.
Prepare a non-stick pan and heat it for 1 or 2 minutes until it becomes a warm pan. Pour a large amount of butter inside the pan. Turn down the heat to medium and crack an egg inside the pan.
Immediately, pour some amount of water into the pan and cover the pan for 20 to 30 seconds.
Wait until the white becomes harden and then place the egg onto a plate.
Season and serve immediately.

3. Cook With the Pressing Down Method

With this method, you would use halt of a tablespoon of butter in a non-stick pan. You will need a medium high temperature to cook in this method.
Heat the non-stick pan and pour in some butter. Wait for the butter to become sizzling but not before you can see it becomes smoking and crack an egg into pan.
Unlike other methods while you only season the fried egg while you present it on the dish, in this method, you need to season it with salt and pepper while it is on the cooking pan.
When the egg turns brown, gently flip over the egg. You need to use a spatula to press down all of the white area of the egg and season this side with salt and pepper again.
As you can see, there are a lot of benefits that a dish of fried eggs could offer. Eating fried eggs in the morning help you to achieve a better level of cholesterol, good functions of all organs as well as good for your beauty. Fried eggs are also cheap and easy to make.
I hope that with 5 different methods of cooking fried eggs that I provide, you would be able to change the way you normally cook your fried eggs and can taste them in many different ways as you can.

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