Since meat is a really important part in our family’s meals, we always look for the best recipes for meat dishes. One of best choices to process meat is grinding. Thus, you are going to buy a best meat grinder or you have already had one in your kitchen, these are some things that you should know to take great advantage of a meat grinder.

Having a  meat grinder at home means you don’t have to buy the meat ground which might have been added with unknown chemicals and additives and, you don’t have to spend hours chopping meat by hand. Investing in a grinder of your own is a smart choice for having homemade meat ground whenever you want.

Then, not everyone knows about how to use a meat grinder right to not damage the machine and about different things that you could do with a meat grinder besides making hamburger or ground beef.



It is not too confusing to grind meat with a grinder, but we need to pay more attention to have your meat ground done when preserving this machine.

Most grinders are made of metals with large funnel to put meat in. The screw conveyer inside of the machine partially mixes food. With some machines, this part is powered by a hand wheel while with the others, it is run by an electric motor. The hole plate at the end of the machine decides the size of the meat ground coming out. Users can change the hole plate for ground meat on their desire.

In addition to those basic knowledges, these are something you should keep in mind:

  1. Since your grinder sometimes gets stuck because of the material you feed it, always trim things such as tendons, bones, excess fat or sinew of your cut of meat before grinding.
  2. To prevent fat from your meat junking up your grinder and turning your meat into a pulpous mixture, you had better keep your meat cold first, then chop up things and grind.
  3. Always keep your eyes on your meat coming out to notice if your little pieces of meat appear regularly and smoothly. You should stop grinding right the moment your meat stays in the plate for too long without falling to your bowl to unclog the grinder.
  4. Clean your unit right after using it. Putting off cleaning later will allow the meat to dry up and get stuck in your machine. It will be difficult to clean it afterwards and moreover, your machine will soon be damaged.
  5. Sharpen your meat grinder blades once a year to keep them work well and your meat ground looks nice.

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How To Inexpensively Wipe Out Perplexed Stains 


A New Year is about to come. Apart from clearing out persisting Clutters, it’s worth paying some time to wipe out some stubborn stains in kitchen and bathroom that have patiently persisted on your furnishings throughout the year.

There are numbers of cleaners that might help you solve them instantly, but you probably don’t want your family to be surrounded by chemical elements contained in such cleaning agents. In today article, we provide you with top tips on how to remove these unexpected dirts using inexpensive, home-made and natural cleaning products that you can find and make right around the corner!

  1. Kitchen 


Kitchen has gained its notorious fame for accumulating stains and in some cases, been received less attention comparing to other parts of the houses. Here are some top parts of kitchen you might want to put your cleaning hands on: Read more

How To Clear out Clutters In Your House


The most important holidays of the year are coming. It happens to be that there are myriad of chores to be done, such as: preparing your kids’ clothes, food, Christmas decoration and cleaning up the house after a year of neglect. The work might sound like predicament, but this article is to provide you with useful tips on clearing out clutters that accumulate over the year with effectively manners, so that you can save up a lot of time and energy. 

  1. Make a plan and stick to it. And don’t forget the timing.

If you are inclined to de-clutter your home, it is important to make a plan. Cleaning is indeed an exhausting job, you need to make plan on which rooms should be addressed, which parts of the room should be cleaned and how long should it take to clear out a room. By then, you can arrange your work and distribute your effort better, at the same time save yourself for harder sessions. For instance, you estimate a bathroom’s cleaning session might last for 2 hours (longer than bedroom) as there are toilet, sewer, drawers and floor that need cleaning.



  1. Identify the problems

One of the toughest tasks in cleaning your house is to define the clutters, as you have been so used to them. The easy way to deal with this problem suggested by housing organizers is to take pictures of your house and take an overview of your house as an onlooker. By then, you can easily identify which parts of your house are messy and need cleaning. Read more